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Final Fantasy X  

.: Final Fantasy X

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PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2

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My name is Ebi Furya. Review Done By: Ebi Furya
Review Written For: PlayStation 2
Score: 9.5

Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy game for the PlayStation 2. It introduces us to the world of Spira and the creature known as Sin. You play as Tidus, along with Yuna, Lulu, Wakka, Kimarhi, Auron and Riku on a quest to help Yuna receive the Final Summoning and defeat Sin to bring the Calm. Along the journey, the eyes of the group is opened to a world where things are not as they seem.

Graphically, the game is superb. Spira is a huge, beautiful world and everything is displayed in great detail. The character animations are extremely lifelike and the facial animations are wonderful. When the characters speak, their mouths actually fit the words they are speaking.

The music is beautiful and shows so much emotion in the game. From the soothing shores of Besaid Island to the ominous tones of the later areas. It's also nice to hear the prelude is still alive, although it's been remixed. (It's actually what should be playing now!)

One of the things that sets this game apart from the rest is the Sphere Grid. You use the Sphere Grid to "level up" your characters. In Final Fantasy X, there are no experience points for defeating foes. Instead, you receive Sphere Points (SP) and gain Sphere Levels. You then use these levels to move around the Sphere Grid and activate nodes with the different Spheres. Strength Spheres unlock HP+, Str+ and Def+ Nodes, Magic Spheres unlock MP+, Mag+ and Mag Def+ nodes, and there are many other types of spheres as well. With this, you can customize your characters however you see fit. You can keep them in their defined areas, or move them onto the area of other characters. But what's better, if you play long enough, you can take all the characters to all the other characters areas on the sphere grid, and kick some serious Fiend Butt!

Each character has an Celestial Weapon (or ultimate weapon) that must be unlocked. Each weapon needs a Sigil and a Crest as well as the weapon itself. You can then "unlock" the power of the weapon and begin to do some serious damage including my favorite thing, Damage Limit Break.

With Damage Limit Break, you are no longer limited to a 9,999 maximum damage, but rather 99,999 maximum damage. Just getting the Celestial Weapons for one or two characters makes the ending too easy, which is a disappointment. However, you certainly need the Celestial Weapons if you are going to complete the Monster Arena Side Quest and take on the most insanely powerful enemies in the game (if not in Final Fantasy History).

By capturing 10 of every monster in the game, you can unlock some seriously powerful creatures. Then, once you defeat them in the Monster Arena, you unlock an insanely powerful creature: Nemesis. He is beatable, and by defeating him, you will receive the Mark Of Conquest saying you have surpassed mortal abilities...or something like that. In my opinion, defeating Nemesis is the only way to say you've beaten Final Fantasy X to 100%.

Final Fantasy X goes back a ways in terms of the Battle System mechanics. It is no longer the Active Time Battle like it has been since Final Fantasy 4, but rather a Turn Based Battle. What is different though is that it's no longer "we go - you go" but each character (or Fiend) depending can go at any time depending on their Speed and Status (Haste / Slow / etc). The turn order is also displayed on screen so you can tell when the enemy is going to strike and plan ahead. This adds a good amount of strategy to the game and makes you plan out your moves.

Final Fantasy X was the first game I've spent over 100 hours on. In fact, including both my first and second run-throughs, I've spent well over 180 hours in the world of Spira. There is always a huge debate as to what everyone's favorite Final Fantasy game is. For now, until newer games come out that can overcome it, I believe Final Fantasy X is my favorite Final Fantasy game...closely followed by Final Fantasy VIII.


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