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.: 3D Stereogram Images

Stereogram images are fun little 3D pictures that appear to be a blurry pattern at first. But if you look at them long enough (and slightly cross your eyes), a 3D Image will appear. When viewing the stereogram images on a computer screen, I have found it best to get right up close to the screen and let your eyes relax, then slowly pull your head away.

Click on the image's thumbnail to view the full sized image. Use the Back Button to return to this page.

3 Big Waves
3 Waves going across this photo.

© 1999 Gary W. Priester

Jack O Lantern
A nice Jack-o-lantern.

© 1998 Gary W. Priester

The head of an Alien.

© 1998 Gary W. Priester

A neat mountain range. Looks like an egg-crate.

A grouping of 4 balls.

"Rid 0"
A symbol of some sort. I can't quite make it out...

Circle Box
A 3D box with circular holes in it.

© 1999 Gary W. Priester

A water droplet hitting a pool of water and splashing.

The dragons seem to pop out of this one.

© 1998 Gary W. Priester

A snowman with snowflakes falling down.

© 1998 Gary W. Priester

Eat It
It's a doughnut.

A top-down view of a volcano.

© 1998 Gary W. Priester

A very cool looking spiral.

© 1998 Gary W. Priester

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