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Rated Teen 13+ Teen 13+
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Square Enix
Release Date

Game Added
6/22/2007 6:18:45 PM
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1/18/2012 12:15:00 PM






Final Fantasy XII  

.: Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII is the story of a world called Ivalice.

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PlayStation 2

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My name is Ebi Furya. Review Done By: Ebi Furya
Review Written For: PlayStation 2
Score: 10

Final Fantasy XII is the story of a world called Ivalice. You play as Vaan, a young man who has dreams of becoming a Sky Pirate. Through his adventures he soon meets up with several friends and together, you set out on a quest to overthrow an evil Empire bent on domination.

The scope of this game is unlike any Final Fantasy game before. The worlds are huge and very detailed. At times it is hard to really tell when you are watching an FMV Sequence and when you are looking at the actual game graphics. One new feature in this game is the ability to control the camera. You are no longer limited to a fixed camera and a fixed point of view. This allows you to scan the horizons for objects and places as well as let you get a good view of the entire world around you.

The music in the game fits the surroundings well. I believe it is a different composer for this game, but I say "three cheers for the new guy"! The voice acting is wonderful as well. (As a note: don't put the sound on the Dolby 5.1 unless you actually have a good surround-sound system. On mine, the sound was funny and the voices seemed hollow and far away.)

There is one thing that really sets this game apart from the previous games, and that's the battle system. Final Fantasy XII revolutionizes the battle system with a completely new design: the Active Dimension Battle system (ADB). What this means is that there are no more random battles. When you're out in the world, you see the enemies and you can run up to them and fight them. Your characters will surround the enemy and attack it...and packs of enemies will surround your party and attack you. It ads a whole new strategy to the battling in the game.

Because of the ADB System, you are actually only "controlling" one character at a time. Yes, you can still select actions for each character in your party to carry out, but only one character moves around exactly as you want them to. The others will follow the leader (that's you) around and carry out actions that are setup in the Gambits. Gambits, another new addition, are like putting your party members on auto-pilot. For example, you can set it to be: "Enemy: Party Leader's Target >> Attack" meaning that the other characters will attack the party leader's target. But that's only the beginning. You can set things like "Ally: HP < 50% >> Cure" or "Ally: Any >> Phoenix Down". There are hundreds (if not thousands) of possible combinations, and you can unlock more Gambits per character on the License Board (see below).

Another new feature to Final Fantasy XII is the License Board. When you defeat enemies, you not only gain Experience to level up, but you also gain License Points (LP) to acquire new licenses. You spend these licenses on the License Board (each character has their own) to unlock new techniques and abilities. You also unlock "passive bonuses" such as more Hit Points or Potions Restore More HP. You also need to spend you LP to unlock the weapons and armor you can equip. When you get a new piece of equipment, you can only equip it if that character has the license for it. It's an interesting concept, and I like it.


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