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Rated Everyone 10+ Everyone 10+
Mild Fantasy Violence, Language
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Square Enix
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12/5/2008 8:42:34 AM






Final Fantasy IV  

.: Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV was originally released in the United States under the title Final Fantasy II. This was a "dumbed down" version of the Japanese version called Final Fantasy IV. This US Version has been called "Easy Type" or sometimes just "US" (FFIV ET / FFII US).

When the game was released again on the Sony Playstation in Final Fantasy Chronicles (along with Chrono Trigger), it gave the American audience their first look at the full game. In 2005, Nintendo re-released the game once more with new translations and more special items added in. FFIV on the GBA is the best version of the three currently available as the game play is far better and deeper than it was before. Plus, the two new dungeons will add many more hours of game play to this already epic adventure.

.: Box Text

An Epic Journey of Redemption Retold
At the orders of the king, a city burns. Torn by guilt, the dark knight Cecil, commander of the Red Wings of Baron, must choose between loyalty and justice. Previously released as Final Fantasy II for the Super NES, Final Fantasy IV Advance features improved graphics, enhanced music, and an expanded storyline.

.: Available On

Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, SNES

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My name is Big Brown. Review Done By: Big Brown
Review Written For: Game Boy Advance
Score: 10

This one has to be one of my most favorite Final Fantasy games. This game has a deep storyline with it and rich characters. The new version is much harder than the FFII that was previously released which is a refreshing challenge.


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